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The SpellQuizzer spelling software automates the chore of spelling practice
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Spell Quizzer is an educational program that can help elementary school children improve their spelling skills to get higher scores at school and learn to write properly. This software can make the process of learning how to spell a lot more fun and dynamic, something that children will appreciate.

Basically, the software divides contents into lists, where groups of words are arranged according to specific criteria. These lists can be edited, imported and exported as database files. The learning process takes place in a game-like environment, where children can practice and learn at their own pace, while enjoying the experience. Children will be listening to an isolated word, and then to the same word within a context. What they have to do is write it in a box in the correct way; if there were any mistakes, the software allows them to rewrite the word. The best part is that parents can create their own lists as children advance, making recordings with a microphone, and choosing words according to each kid’s level.

Spell Quizzer is very easy to use and can be tried out for 30 days.

Mariel Rearte
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